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All DC Inverter VRF (25Kw-246Kw)

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V5 X SERIES VRF offers a large capacity from 8HP up to 88HP in 2HP increments by combining 4 outdoor units. It also incorporates a range of outstanding features, wide-range outdoor and indoor units, high external static pressure, and energy saving technologies.

It supports an incredible piping length of 1,000m and a level difference of 110m, making it perfect for large high-rise buildings.


Modern and attractive design

Large capacity for big sized building

The outdoor units capacity range from 8HP up to 88HP in 2HP increment, max. combination of 4 basic models.

Long Piping Length

The solution supports an incredible piping length of 1,000m (3280 ft.) and the level difference of 110m(360.8ft.), making it perfect for large projects.

Maximum capacity on the market

Three new units of 18, 20 and 22HP can be added. If they are combined (up to 4), they represent the highest capacity with 88 HP (246 kW) that the market can offer at the moment.

Maximum efficiency with EER up to 7.3

Thanks to the new design of the 3-row heat exchanger the exchange the surface have increased by 21%.

Super DC Inverter Technology

All compressors and fan motors are DC Inverter.


Self-steering function and connection of simplified communication.

Accurate temperature control

Thanks to DC Inverter compressors, temperature control is optimized.

Fast Defrosting

A defrosting time reduction technology is included in the equipment.

Low sound level

The new optimized design minimizes the fans noise level. Moreover, with the night mode, you can adjust a night schedule which will decrease even more the sound level.

Rotation and Backup

Rotation and Backup functions are added (safeguard).

Total compatibility

Compatible with all indoor units MVD.

High EER and COP values

V5 X Series achieves the industry’s top class energy efficiency of cooling and heating by utilizing DC compressor control, DC Fan motor, and improved performance heat exchanger.

Enhanced Comfort

Simple communication wiring

Centralized controller (CCM30) can connect from the indoor side or outdoor side (XYE terminals) at will. With one group of wires, we can realize the network communication and system communication. Such simple wiring is more convenient for installation work on site.

Rotatable electric control box

  • The newly designed rotating control box is so excellent that it can rotate in maxmum 150 degree. It is convenient for the inspection and maintenance of the pipeline system and greatly reduced the time of dismount the electric control box.
  • Checking window for quick inspection of system status.

Auto-test operation and auto-addressing function

  • Just simply press the test operation button, the unit will perform an automatic system check, including wiring, shutoff valves, and sensors. The results are returned automatically after the check is finished.
  • Outdoor unit can distribute addresses for indoor unit automatically. Wireless and wired controllers can query and modify each indoor unit’s address.

360° pipe connection

Pipes can be connected in multi-directions: front, left, right and rear.

Compact size for saving space

Compact size design minimizes the installation footprint and is easier for transportation. The units can even be transported through elevator or forklift at the job site.

High Efficiency

V5 X Series achieves the industry’s top class energy efficiency of cooling and heating by utilizing DC compressor control, DC Fan motor, and improved performance heat exchanger.

High EER and COP values

Smooth 180° sine wave DC inverter

Smooth the rotation of the compressor motor, improve the compressor operation efficiency sharply.
Effectively control the harmonic current and electromagnetic noise, and fully pass the international EMC test.

High efficiency DC inverter compressor

Smooth 180° sine wave DC inverter

Thanks to the all DC inverter compressors technology, the running unit’s the output will automatically adjust according to the real-time load demands. Units are always running at 40-70Hz which is the most efficient range. It makes units cost less energy and keep in good condition.

Accurate control technology

  • Improved air outlet grille
  • Anti-vibration motor mounting frame
  • All DC inverter compressor
  • Compressor noise enclosure
  • CFD designed new shape
    fan blade
  • 3+4 fan blade designunting frame
  • All DC inverter fan motor
  • Night silent modere

3+4 fan blade patent design

Outdoor unit night silent mode

  • Mitsui’s Night Silent Mode feature which is easily set on the PCB board allows the unit to be set to vary time options during Non-peak and Peak operation time optimizing the units noise output. Extra silent operation mode can reduce sound level further, minimum 43dB (A).
  • Night silent operation will be activated X hours after the peak temperature during daytime, and it will go back to normal operation after Y hours.

Indoor unit silent mode

According to users’ needs real-time or the room temperature, users can set the SILENT MODE through the indoor wired controller KJR-29B (optional). The minimum noise degree is 22.5dB (A) (for the 1.5kW compact four-way cassette).

Enhanced Comfort

Intelligent soft start technology

All DC inverter compressor and soft start function reduce strike to the electric network. This high-performance and low noise DC inverter compressor operate at a faster rate when starting, reducing start-up time. It also helps the unit to quickly adjust the room temperature to the set level.

Quick warm-up and cool-down design

By utilizing the benefits of all DC inverter compressors, the system can reach full load quickly and shorten the warm-up and cool-down times to provide an immediate and comfortable air solution. Less temperature fluctuation will create a better living environment.set level.

Intelligent defrosting technology

The intelligent defrosting program will judge the defrosting time according to the system real requirement, reduce the heating loss by unnecessary defrosting and make the indoor side more comfortable.

Optional operation mode

5 operation modes to be chosen:

  • Heating priority mode (default)
  • Cooling priority mode
  • Heating only mode
  • Cooling only mode
  • VIP or Voting priority mode

(No. 63 IDU or majority requirement priority).

Higher Reliability

Duty cycling

In one combination, any outdoor unit can run as the master outdoor unit to equalize the service life of all units.

Back-up function

In multiple systems, when the master unit failed, any single unit can be set as the master unit, then the remaining units can keep on working. This can be set on PCB by DIP switches at the site.

Wide Operation Range

High external static pressure

The high-static pressure propeller and optimized fan guard can adapt to various installation environments. Mitsui now offers up to 40Pa (0.16”W.G.)* external static pressure units for customized applications. A standard 0-20Pa (0-0.08”W.G.) function is equipped by default.
*You need to consult Mitsui if you require over 40Pa (0.16”W.G.).

High efficiency oil balance and oil return technology

5 stages oil control technology ensures every outdoor unit &
compressor’s oil always keep in the safe level, completely solve the
compressor oil shortage problem.

  • 1st stage: compressor internal oil separate.
  • 2nd stage: high-efficiency centrifugal oil separator (separation efficiency up to 99%) makes oil separate from discharge gas and go back to compressors.
  • 3rd stage: oil balance pipes between compressors ensure even oil distribution to keep compressors running normally.
  • 4th stage: oil balance pipes among modules ensure even oil distribution among modules.
  • 5th stage: Auto oil return program by monitoring the running time and state of the system ensures reliable oil return.

Duty cycling

In one combination, any outdoor unit can run as the master outdoor unit to equalize the service life of all units.