the best technology in AIR CONDITIONING



Perfectly combined
water and refrigerant system

  • DC inverter compressors
  • Capacity up to 36HP
  • Connectable indoor units quantity up to 59
  • Cycle duty operation
  • Backup operation
  • Precise oil control technology
  • Low noise operation
  • Simple communication wiring
  • Easy maintenance

Indoor Units

VRF V4 Plus indoor units

Fresh Air Processing Unit

100% fresh air supply


Heat recovery ventilator

AHU Connection Kit

Connect to other brands

Control Systems

Smart control systems


Long piping Length

Total piping length 300m
Longest length actual (Equivalent) 120(150)m
Longest length after the first branch 90*m
Level difference between indoor and outdoor units – ODU up (down) 50(40)m
Level difference between indoor units 30m
*The longest piping length is 40m standard. It can be extended to 90m.
When the length is over 40m, please contact us.

Wide Operation Temperature Range

Main unit ambient temperature: 0°C~40°C
Main unit water inlet temperature: 7°C~45°C
Indoor temperature in cooling mode: 17°C~32°C
Indoor temperature in heating mode: 15°C~30°C


Mitsui V4 Plus W Series System combines water system and refrigerant system perfectly. IPLV(C) reaches as high as 5.9. Compared with air-cooled VRF, energy saving is higher.

High-Efficiency Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger

With the innovatively designed double-pipe heat exchanger, the water quality required is low. The waterside has large circulation area, and it is not easily plugged, creating higher reliability and easier cleaning and maintenance.

Water Side Heat Recovery Function

In modern large-scale buildings, the load between the internal and external areas is different. It may occur in some situations that both cooling and heating are required. The V4 PLUS W Series not only can achieve meticulous system division in different areas but also can recover heat at the same time, significantly improving energy efficiency.

No Water Leakage

No water pipes installed indoors, no water leakage risks.