the best technology in AIR CONDITIONING


3 pipe (25Kw-180kw)

Offers simultaneous
cooling and heating
operation in one

  • ALL DC inverter compressors
  • ALL DC fan motor
  • Capacity up to 64HP
  • Connectable indoor units quantity up to 64
  • ESP up to 60Pa
  • Cycle duty operation
  • Backup operation
  • Precise oil control technology
  • Advanced silence technology
  • Simple communication wiring
  • Remote Addressing
  • Easy maintenance

Indoor Units

VRF V4 Plus indoor units


Heat recovery ventilator

Control Systems

Smart control systems


Heat recovery system

With the new equipment MVD 3 pipes, we can heat and cool simultaneously different areas with a single HVAC system. It saves up to 50% in energy costs compared to a conventional 2 pipes system.

Wide range of capabilities

Thanks to the 5 basic modules (8, 10, 12, 14 and 16HP), system capacity can range from 8HP to 64HP in 2HP increments. In total you can connect 64 indoor units or a total indoor capacity of 130% from the outdoor unit capacity.

Compressors and DC Inverter fan motors

All range of equipment add compressors and DC Inverter fan motors, in this way, the performance for middle-frequency system is improved and a more sensitive and effective control is assured.

Adjustable Outdoor Heat Exchanger

Two parts condenser individual design, the unit can distribute a part of evaporator to be as condensing area according to the heating load requirement to improve the utilization rate of the condenser.

Auto Mode Control

Under the Auto Mode, the indoor unit can change the operation mode automatically, to keep the indoor temperature at a constant level.

Automatic adjustment of the capacity

The heat exchanger is split into two parts, thus both parts can be used at the same time: one part to evaporate and the other to condense, or you can use only one part if working with a partial load.

Total compatibility

Compatible with all MVD indoor units

Wide operating range

The VR4+ system can operate in extreme temperatures conditions in heating mode up to an outdoor temperature of -20 °C, in cooling mode up to 48 °C and in both modes simultaneously from -5 °C to 24 °C.

Heat Recovery, EER up to 7.0

Heat recovery is achieved by diverting exhaust heat from indoor units in cooling mode to areas requiring heating, maximizing energy efficiency, reducing electricity costs and leading to high part-load efficiencies (up to 7.0 in the 8HP category).

Continuous Heating During Defrost Operation

Each heat exchanger is defrosted by using heat transferred from one heat exchanger to the other in the outdoor unit. Defrost has no impact on the indoor unit in heating mode.

Long Piping Length

Total piping length 1000m
Longest length actual (Equivalent) 175(2 the 0)m
Longest length after first branch 90*m
Level difference between indoor and outdoor units – ODU up (down) 70(110)m
Level difference between indoor units 30m

*The longest piping is 40m standard. It can be extended to 90m
When the length is over 40m, please contact us.