the best technology in AIR CONDITIONING


2 PIPE (40Kw-45kw)

Optimised design
for small to large

  • DC inverter compressor
  • DC fan motor
  • Capacity up to 72HP
  • Connectable indoor units quantity up to 64
  • ESP up to 60Pa
  • Cycle duty operation
  • Backup operation
  • Precise oil control technology
  • Advanced silence technology
  • Intelligent defrosting technology
  • Simple communication wiring
  • Auto addressing
  • Easy maintenance

Indoor Units

VRF V4 Plus indoor units

Fresh Air Processing Unit

100% fresh air supply


Heat recovery ventilator

AHU Connection Kit

Connect to other brands

Control Systems

Smart control systems


System characteristics R410A

Ecological refrigerant, high energy saving and
environmentally friendly.

Great heating and cooling capacity

R410A is almost azeotropic which means that has little variations in its components structure and its capacity does not go down during the charging process. It does not contain chlorine, which protects the ozone layer.

Development of the DIGITAL SCROLL system

From its creation in 2002 and its launch in 2003, the MVD-D has become a leading product thanks to the simplification of the A/C systems, its energy saving and the stable operation.
The system includes a DIGITAL SCROLL compressor which is adjusted and controlled through a pulse wide module (PWM). It includes the most advanced technology in the industry.

DIGITAL SCROLL compressor characteristics

Wide range of energetic adjustment, from 10% to 100%.

Constant energy adjustment

Long life: The solenoid PWM valve can be used 40 billion times which is the equivalent of 30 years.
High efficiency and refrigerant stability due to the axe sealing technology.

DIGITAL SCROLL compressor working principle

The DIGITAL SCROLL compressor works with and without load. When the external solenoid valve receives a signal of 220V, elevates 1m the superior spiral. The superior spiral movement creates a room between both spirals eliminating the compression between them. It makes the compressor unable of compressing the refrigerant.
The load capacity is 100% with charge and 0% without charge. The compressor capacity is the average time between the periods with and without charge. In a cycle of 20 seconds, if the spirals are joined for 10 seconds and separated for 10 seconds, the average capacity is 50%. The PWM valve is specially designed as a solenoid valve to modulate the pressure power in the fixed spiral and to control the state of the load. The PWM gets the on/off signal and controls the load state. When the valve is connected, the fixed spiral separates from the orbiting spiral. This process is repeated to get the exterior unit control automatic depending on the working interior units numbers and its thermal

Wide range of multiple combinations

2 basic modules which can be combined following the customer wishes. The increment of 2HP of the capacity, range satisfies the customer needs with high accuracy. Maximum capacity 64HP.

High EER and COP Values

The cooling EER is up to 4.29 and the heating COP is up to 4.39 in the 8HP category.

Long Piping Length

Total piping length 1000m
Longest length actual (Equivalent) 175(200)m
Longest length after the first branch 90*m
Level difference between indoor and outdoor units – ODU up (down) 70(110)m
Level difference between indoor units 30m

* The longest piping is 40m standard. It can be extended to 90m
When the length is over 40m, please contact us

1. High Eciency DC Inverter Compressor

Mitsui VRF Air Conditioner achieves the industry’s top class energy efficiency in cooling and heating by utilizing DC inverter compressor, DC fan motor, and high-efficiency heat exchanger. The DC inverter compressor adopts innovative design and numerous high-performance key parts which can reduce power consumption by 25%.

2. High Eciency DC Fan Motor

The system controls the speed of the fan motor according to the system pressure and system load achieving the minimum power consumption.

3. High Eciency Heat Exchanger

Newly designed window type fins enlarge the heat exchange area and decrease air resistance, enhance heat exchange performance and save more energy.
Hydrophilic fins and internally threaded copper pipes optimize heat exchange efficiency.

4. Newly Designed Fan

A new blade with sharp edges and a slight curve increases the airflow rate and lowers vibration and airflow resistance.

5. Multi Solenoid Valves Control

Multi solenoid valves control technology in one system. All the solenoid valves equipped in the unit ensure precise temperature control, stable and efficient running conditions and improved comfort.

6. Double EXVs Control

Double EXVs in one system, each EXV part achieves 480 Pulse rate to precisely adjust refrigerant flow.