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MINI-GRAND SYSTEM dc-inverter (40kw-45kw)

Innovative Technology
Elegant Design

Outdoor units VRF systems are a key element of such systems on the basis of their characteristics are formed or that performance, extent of highways, energy efficiency, reliability and installation costs for the systems as a whole.

Mitsui offers a wide range of outdoor units of different types, with a capacity of 8 to 16 kW-in this series of Mini VRF systems, for applications for residential apartments, houses, small offices, cafes and shops. The manufacturer shall apply only to new and effective technological solutions, quality control at all stages of production, versatile tests of reliability and efficiency.


Outdoor units systems MDV, a series of Mini VRF

The range of equipment to create small systems – small-scale shop or office. Load Range (the sum of the indices of indoor units) available from 45 to 120%. For Mini VRF MDV systems manufactured by technology Full DC-Inverter, possible to use a central console CCM02 followed by the withdrawal of at BMS, or a computer program to analyze energy consumption.

In this series of blocks, are used modern Innovative technical solutions, namely:

  • Twin-rotor DC-Inverter compressor with high efficiency and low noise and vibration;
  • Fan motors DC-Inverter (development of Panasonic), efficiency of which is 30% higher than that of “ordinary” (AC motors);
  • A heat exchanger coated with protective «Bluefin», which have increased corrosion resistance;
  • Branch-providers, delivered only 4-port and in the 16 kW is possible to use not more than 2 providers, arranged in parallel.
  • Piping to the ports of the outdoor unit is allowed on either side (side, front, bottom, rear);
  • 2 options allowed the organization line to the indoor unit – branch or rush through a special switching units Refrigerant (Branch providers FTQ4-01); In this architecture, the distance from the ports of the outdoor unit to the ports of Branch-provider – up to 25 m. The distance from the provider to the indoor units can be in the range of 1-20 m. In the application of the scheme to the ISP restrictions on height difference tougher: 8 -20 m, depending on the horizontal distance.
  • Blocks series have a high coefficient of energy efficiency, especially in partial load system.

Multi-Bend Heat Exchanger

Increased heat. This unit uses the heat exchangers with tubes of a special design, the inner surface of which has trapezoidal notches “Innergrove cooper”, which provides maximum heat transfer surface area increased. Due to this heat increases by 28%, reduced power consumption, and hence increases the efficiency of the system.

DC inverter

Compressor with inverter DC can increase the efficiency of the air conditioner, thus reducing power consumption saves your costs. This system is much more economical and safer than air conditioners with a constant output of the compressor.

Built-in EXV

The unit has a built EXV – Electronic expansion valve.

Wide range of capabilities

The new units Inverter Mini MVDV4+, offer a wide range of capacities from 8kW to 45kW, it is possible to connect a maximum of 4 to 14 indoor units respectively.

Note: when more than two units are connected to an outdoor unit below 20kW, the maximum power of each indoor unit may not exceed 8kW.

Maximum length of pipe

The MVD Mini V4+ system supports a maximum pipe length of 100m (120m for 20, 22.4 and 26kW; 250m for 40 and 45kW) and a height difference of 20m or even 30m in the case that the outdoor unit is installed higher than the indoor units.

Aluminium heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating

Improved wettability of the heat exchanger aluminium plates which have a special coating with a hydrophilic layer, ensuring rapid removal of condensate from the indoor unit that does not allow to quickly form of mould and bacteria, providing a more efficient operation of the air conditioner.

Compressors and fan motors DC Inverter

All range equipment add compressors and DC Inverter fan motors, in this way the performance of the middle-frequency system is improved and a more sensitive and effective control is assured.

Total compatibility

Compatible with all units MVD.

Full-DC (3D DC-inverter)

All engines compressors and fans in the system are made by DC-inverter technology.

Auto routing

The outdoor unit can assign an address to the indoor units automatically. Wireless and wired controls (KJR-29B) can also configure, query and modify the addresses of the indoor units.

Wide range of operation

The V4+ system can operate in extreme temperatures in heating mode up to an outside temperature of -15°C and in cooling mode up to 48°C.

Simplified communication connection

The installation of the communication wiring is simpler because in case you need to install a centralized control is not necessary to wire a second bus for communication between the indoor units and the central control. You can connect the central control directly to the outdoor unit and perform automatic routing, so the control detects all indoor units connected to that outdoor unit, after you can modify the address manually with individual control of each indoor unit.