the best technology in AIR CONDITIONING


  • Auto Restart function
  • Auto Addressing
  • Timer
  • Auto Defrosting
  • Easy-Cleaning Panel
  • Follow Me
  • Anti-Cold Air Function
  • Auto Swing
  • LED Display
  • Built-In Filter
  • Indipendent Dehumidification
  • Wired Controller


Convenient Installation

Multi-directional refrigerantoutlet pipe: left\right\rear, more exible for installation. EXV is built-in the indoor unit, compact size, lengthened the connection pipe; gas pipe: 468mm; liquid pipe: 550mm, more flexible for installation. Adopts new type xing plate, stable and easy to install.

High Eciency and Low Sound Operation

Thanks to the DC brushless fan motor, the unit operates in high efficiency and low sound level.

Various selections

S type panel, R type panel and M type panel.
For M type, the elegant new panels enhance aesthetics, suitable for various installation requirements. Universal body design matches three styles of interchangeable panels.

Auto Swing Louvre

The Auto Swing Louver function ensures that the air direction corresponds to the mode selected.

Optimal Comfort Through Better Flow Control and Quiet Operations

The mechanical expansion valve offers 2,000-stage element positioning to ensure precise
flow control and less modulation noise when the EXV is operating for a quiet and comfortable environment. Three airflow speeds: low, medium and high; double air guides. Smoother air ow and less turbulence is ensured by the multi-blade fan and the air guide design.