the best technology in AIR CONDITIONING


  • Auto Restart function
  • Auto Addressing
  • Timer
  • Auto Defrosting
  • Follow Me
  • Anti-Cold Air Function
  • Auto Swing
  • Built-In Filter
  • Indipendent Dehumidification
  • Built-in Drain Pump


Flexible Duct Design

External static pressure can be up to 196Pa (models 71 to 160) or 280Pa (models 200 to 560). The maximum length for air supply is about 14m at a height of 6.5m. With a 420mm (models 71 to 160) thick body, the minimum distance required above the ceiling is 450mm.

Convenient Installation

The EXV is fixed inside the indoor unit (models 70-160), requires no extra connection.
Standard filter is housed in an aluminium frame, which is removable from the bottom in a downward direction. Flange for air inlet/outlet duct connection is standard.

Flexible Control and Convenient for Maintenance

Wired remote controller KJR-29B1/BK-E comes standard, and wireless remote controller RM05/BG(T)E-A comes as an option. The display board is connected to the E-box in the factory, easier troubleshooting with LED display. Easy access filters both at the rear & bottom. Standard functional port such as remote on/off-dry contact.

Double-skin Drainage Pan

Double-skin drainage pan provides double protection for ceilings (models 71 to 160 and models 400 to 560).


Drain pump with 750mm pump head is optional (models 71 to 160).

High Efficiency and Low Sound Operation

Thanks to the DC brushless fan motor, the unit operates in high efficiency and low sound level.