the best technology in AIR CONDITIONING


Larger air supply rate enhanced heat exchange efficiency enhanced energy saving property

The heat recovery ventilator (HRV) can reclaim heat energy lost through ventilation and reduce the room temperature fluctuation caused by ventilation process. By utilizing the most advanced technology and technics, Mitsui HRV has extremely good performance. The heat exchanged core is made of special paper processed with a chemical treatment, which could realize better temperature and humidity control of the room environment. Temperature exchange efficiency is above 65% and enthalpy exchange efficiency between 50-65%.


Low noise

Sound proof material is used to guarantee quiet operation.

Compact design, flexible installation and easy maintenance

With a minimum height of only 10-25/64in.(264mm) and 50lbs (23kg) weight, the unit provides best convenience and possibility for installation in limited spaces.

Multi-modes for different situations

Heat exchange mode
When airflow formed by the fans goes through the heat exchanging core in cross way, due to temperature difference between two channels of the core, thermal transmission happens naturally. In summer days, high-temperature outdoor air gets cooled by indoor exhaust air; in winter, low-temperature outdoor air gets heated by indoor exhaust air. So the energy contained in exhaust air can be reclaimed and energy efficiency gets improved.

Bypass mode
In mild climate areas or seasons, when temperature and humidity level difference between indoor and outdoor is small, the unit works as a conventional ventilation fan. Both supply fan and exhaust fan works at the same speed (Hi/mid/low/auto).

Air supply mode
It is one kind of bypass mode with air supply fan speed higher than exhaust fan speed. It can be used in mild climate area where large amount fresh air is needed.

Exhaust air mode
It is also one kind of bypass mode with exhaust fan speed higher than air supply fan speed. It can be used in mild climate area where large amount exhaust air needs to be expelled.

Auto mode
The controller chooses heat exchange mode or bypass mode according to the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor temperature. Both the two fans work at low speed.

Flexible control

Interlocking control with other indoor units by controller is possible.