the best technology in AIR CONDITIONING


  • Auto Restart function
  • Auto Addressing
  • Timer
  • Auto Defrosting
  • Easy-Cleaning Panel
  • Follow Me
  • Anti-Cold Air Function
  • Auto Swing
  • LED Display
  • Built-In Filter
  • Indipendent Dehumidification
  • Wired Controller


Compact Size and Stylish Design

The elegant and thin body complements the existing decor and saves space. The EXV is installed inside the indoor unit for added compactness.

High Comfort

Flexible air flow: vertical auto swing and wide-angle louvres ensure that warm air reaches every corner of the room and increases the airflow coverage.

Indoor unit adopts DC motor with five fan speeds to meet different requirements.
Applies the Fujikoki mechanical expansion valve which offers 2,000-stage element positioning to ensure precise ow control and lower modulation noise when the EXV is operating.

Low-noise design

Five-speed indoor unit; low noise; low power consumption.

Two Air Outlets and Four Air Inlets

Four directional of air inlets. two options of air outlet: Up and Down, or Up only.

Top/bottom and right/left side, for better ventilation.

Powerful mode can be selected for rapid cooling or heating