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IMM (Intelligent Manager of Mitsui) 4th Generation Network Control System

Intelligent Manager of Mitsui, designed specifically to control VRF systems, is based on a centralized format and dedicated to the complete control and monitoring of all the system’s functions. It can be used as a flexible multi-purpose system and applied to a variety of needs,
according to the scale, purpose and control method of each building.


Network Control Application

  • Can run on Window 7_32/64 bit, Window XP_32 bit and Window 8.
  • Can monitor and control A/C anytime, anywhere by PC, iPhone, iPad and notebook computer.
  • Support WEB access: IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
  • Enables remote access through DSL, VPNs and so on.

Key Features

  • Up to 4 M-interface gateways, 64 refrigerant systems, 1,024
  • Indoor units and 256 outdoor units can be controlled by one PC
  • User-friendly operation
  • Web access for M-interface gateway
  • Central building monitoring and control
  • Energy saving management
  • Zone management
  • Warning message
  • *SMS modem (optional)
  • Electricity charge distribution
  • Annual schedule management
  • Low-load operation indicate
  • Generate operational history reports (daily, weekly)
  • Fault display & Warning message
  • Air filter cleaning reminding function
  • Emergency stop and Alarm signal output
  • Multiple languages

Simple Operation & Management

  • Click & Operate, a user-friendly interface allows even non-experts to perform the building management system easily.
  • IMM offers massive centralized management program, meets with flexibility and high efficiency.

Visual Navigation

Allows to import floor plan, dragging the A/C device to anywhere can locate the A/C quickly, and view to specify the physical location of the A/C. With the visual navigation function, the layout of A/C is showed on the floor plan directly, and the running solution is clear.

Web Access Function

With the web access function, a PC, laptop computer or a smartphone can be used as a remote controller. Supports up to 4 users online at the same time. Connects to the LAN and WAN, the user can monitor and manage A/C device at distance.
*WAN access needs to set up the VPN.

Schedule Management

Automatically performs facility start/stop control, switches the operating mode, sets temperatures and enables/disables the remote control according to the present time schedule.

Electricity Charge Distribution (Patented)

  • Provides information on proportional electrical power distribution to optimize electricity consumption management.
  • Uses software to calculate electric power proportional distribution, output and save electricity consumption data for each indoor unit (or group) which is connected to the intelligent manager.
  • Applies the patented Mitsui Calculation Method to calculate consumption rates according to capacity demand which is based on various parameters: setting temperature, room temperature, running mode, rated HP, public areas, unused rooms, and nighttime use; outputs this information on a charge calculation sheet to evenly divide power consumption charges among tenants.
  • Electricity charges can be easily divided when billing users for air conditioning power charges; for example, for tenants in a commercial building, offices in a rented building, or rooms in a hotel.

According to the running time, setting temp, returning air temp, refrigerant flow and so factor, the energy consumption can be divided.

Energy Saving Management

Based on a predetermined schedule, the Intelligent Manager executes capacity to control and intermittent operations on all air conditioning units to maintain a high comfort index.
The user can set the limit to any running unit, any parameter, such as cooling temp., heating temp., fan speed, operation mode and so on.
* 1. Meet with the * 2. Matches with the corresponding indoor units.

Automatic & Manual Topology

With automatic topology mode and manual topology mode.

Automatic Topology
Can topologize automatically between the indoor and outdoor units in the refrigerant system. For one m-interface gateway, up to 4 refrigerant systems, 256 indoor units and 16 outdoor units.

Manual Topology:
Need to manually set the topologize method between the indoor and outdoor units in the refrigerant system. For one M-interface gateway, up to 16 refrigerant, systems, 256 indoor units and 64 outdoor units.

Warning Message

The system can receive error messages from air conditioning units in more than one buildings or structures via public phone lines. If something influences normal operation, the system will send a message to operation staff for early warning.
*Requires the Mitsui “SMS Modem” to send automatic warning messages to designated phone numbers.

Data Management

Operational information of individual indoor units are monitored, allowing for distribution of power consumption at outdoor units.
Stores operation data on multiple systems and reports it in excel format for visual management.
Uses IMM software to generate tenant reports and help building owners bill for energy use.

Zone Management

Easier to control and manage the air conditioner. Also convenient to manage the energy charge of the public devices.

Data Backupent

Double data backup, stores on M-interface and IMM database;
The M-interface gateway will automatically back up power data for 1 or 2 months in case system failure occurs.
Such as: PC power failure or system crash, M-interface will automatically backup the data to the gateway.
IMM software also stores the operational data on the software database.

Colorful Language Obtained

Supporte multiple languages, customers can switch freely according to their own needs.
9 different languages:


  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Simple Chinese
  • Polish
  • Korean