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LonWorks® Gateway

Open network integration of VRF Monitoring and control functions into LonWorks networks

What Is The LonWorks?

LonWorks (local operating network) is a networking platform specifically created to address the needs of control applications. The platform is built on a protocol created by Echelon Corporation for networking devices over media such as twisted pair, power lines, fibre optics, and RF.

LonWorks networks are recognised worldwide as the de facto standard within the building controls industry. It is used for the automation of various functions within buildings such as energy management, fire/life/safety lighting and HVAC.

Key Features

  • Connect to use LonWorks® protocol and Mitsui air conditioner protocol
  • Compliance with LonMark protocol enables the management and control of A/C system.
  • Control various types of equipment from the customer’s own PC.
  • Connect up to 64 indoor units to the BMS
  • Option for the large project
  • Easy and fast installation


  • On/Off command
  • Operation mode setting
  • Fan speed setting
  • Set temperature setting


  • Operation mode status report
  • Set temperature status report
  • Fan speed status report
  • Online/offline status
  • Online quantity
  • Error status
  • Room temperature display

Network Example

  • Connection method 1: Suitable for all of air conditioner systems and connect max. 64 indoor units.
  • Connection method 2: Only suitable for V4 plus system and connect max.64 indoor units.

*If it connects to XYE ports of master ODU, ODU must be set to auto addressing mode.