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Hotel Key Card Interface Module

Open network integration of VRF Monitoring and control functions into LonWorks networks

Key Features

  • MD-NIM05 is specially designed for hotel guest room, restaurant etc., working with hotel card system.
  • Simple, compact and easy to operate unit, suitable for using in hotel bedrooms.
  • Key card cooperates with a wired controller to control A/C.
  • Eliminates the need for high voltage power, making the device safe and reliable.
  • Includes a build-in auto-restart function.
  • Remote controller or wired controller can control indoor unit.
  • Two types for choosing: MD-NIM05/E and MD-NIM05B/E.

Application Example

The unit can be turned on or off when inserting or removing the key card.
When the key card is in place, the air conditioner is activated. When the key card is removed, the system can remember all the last setting and stop operation. If the key card is inserted back, the unit will be under standby or operate at the state according to the latest setting before key card is inserted back. It can void cooling an unoccupied room and save energy.

Installation Example

Easy installation and remote controller or wired controller can control indoor unit.

Electrical Wiring

For MD-NIM05/E, users need to buy a high voltage relay when installation.

For MD-NIM05B/E, it can be directly connected to the hotel card-insert system (AC 220V) without a high voltage relay.