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Centralized Controller & Monitor

Indoor Centralized Controller

Centralized Control

The centralized controller is a multifunctional device that can control up to 64 indoor units within
a maximum connection length of 1,200m. User can group control or individual control and the set temperature of each unit can also different..

Three Lock Modes

A centralized controller provides a superior way to manage the indoor units. Users are able to make their own choice from locking the wireless controller, locking the running mode or locking the centralized controller’s keyboard as they wish.

Wiring Example

The device connects to the master outdoor units of Mitsui’s newly designed products to simplify and centralize the wiring configuration.

The 2 connecting methods are as follow:

*1. If it connects to XYE ports of master ODU, ODU must be set to auto addressing mode.
*2. Some products only can be connected with MD-CCM09 from indoor side XYE ports.

Application Example

Just make sure the address is not repeated and the units can be from different systems, up to 64 indoor units, greatly reducing system limitation.

*1. For 2-pipe system, the running mode should be in the same mode;
*2. For 3-pipe system, the running mode can be set at will.

Air Filter Cleaning Reminding Function

CCM30 is a new design and touch key controller. The air filter cleaning reminder function is only available on the touch-key central controller CCM30. The “FL” icon indicates that the air filter in a given indoor unit needs cleaning.

Easy Installation

The centralized controller offers two different appearances to mostly suit the installation. The A structure must be embedded into the wall and the B structure doesn’t need. Both of them are easy to operate.

Stylish Design

CCM’s stylish design suits high-end environments. The keyboard lock function is used to prevent operational mistakes.

Weekly Schedule for MD-CCM09

MD-CCM09 is a weekly centralized controller, can also include up to 64 indoor units in the weekly schedule. Users can set up to 4 periods per day, and select the desired running mode and room temperature. The operating object can be a single indoor unit or all the indoor units.

Single/Unied Control Mode

The control object can be either a single unit or all units, which vastly simplifies the control process. Operation signal feedback ensures that all units are working in the correct mode.

Indoor Unit Working Status Display

Displays indoor units’ working status and error codes, so users can easily identify faults via checking the error codes table in the user’s manual before contacting a service engineer.

Access to Network Monitoring

The centralized controller is able to bridge up to 64 indoor units on the network monitoring and building management systems.

*If it connects to XYE ports of master ODU, ODU must be set to auto addressing mode.
Network access is only available for CCM03 and CCM30


  • Swing
  • Heat Mode
  • Cool Mode
  • Fan Mode
  • 24h Timer
  • Keyboard Lock
  • Remote Controller Lock
  • Cooling Lock
  • Heating Lock
  • Dry Mode
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Filter Cleaning Reminder
  • Network Access